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A  Neighbour According to dictionary is someone living near or next door to you.

The first time i heard that i am as safe as much as my neighbour wants me to be, from a brother from another mother #Kelvin Ikponwosa Agbede, it dawned on me that i have indeed been living on the mercies of God, because i hardly even know my neighbours, not to talk of being friends with them, i dont even know much of what they do for a living. the only time i get to speak to them is when we exchange pleasantry, and maybe when PHCN do their thing and the other buildings are not affected, then we come out to see the possible cause.

I started wondering why loving your neighbour was included in the ten commandment, and not your wife, does this mean the bible even encourages loving your neighbour morethan your wife? Although Kelvin didn't accentuate on it, but then few days later i got to hear it again from a renowned man of God, my role model Rev. James Areghan. he said in one of his sermon 'You are as safe as much as your neighbour wants you to be'.

Now lets look at it this way, you lock your compound gate from the inside, securing the building, lives and properties from the world outside those heavy fence, but have you ever thought of the possibilities of harm not coming from those fierce looking faces you see outside your fence, but from the faces you see every morning when you open the door/gate to your own apartment? what happens when this people decides to harm you at night after you must have locked your gate as usual, what happens when they automatically turn bad and decides to harm you? what happens when these neighbours turn out to be rapist.

I have thought about this extensively, and then i asked my self this questions:
  1. How well do i know this neighbours of mine?
  2. How good is my relationship with them?
  3. How do i start loving my neighbours as much as i love myself?
  4. Am i really safe living with them?
  5. Do i really believe they are not capable of harming me?
  6. How good am i to this same neighbours of mine? 
Today i am passing this same questions to everyone of you, and hope you will take your time to think just as i did, and come up with a sincere answers, not forgetting you can never lie to yourself.

On a final note, WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOUR, ARE YOU REALLY SAFE WITH HIM/HER/THEM?. Be kind enough to share your thoughts with us. 

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