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Biography of Darlington Nwokocha

Darlington Nwokocha
Darlington Nwokocha is a member of the Federal House of Representative, representing the Isiala Ngwa North/South Federal
Constituency of Abia Sate. Darlington was born in the year 1967 and hails from Isialangwa in Abia State of Nigeria.

He attended Umunneise Secondary School, where he obtained West African School Certificate (WASC) in the year 1985. In the year 1992, he obtained a Bachelors of Science Degree (Bsc) from the University of PortHarcourt. He went further to obtain MSc., from Abia State University Uturu Okigwe. He also studied and obtained a PGDPA from the University of Benin in the year 2007.

Darlington is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria.

Between the years 2007 and 2011, Darlington was a member of the Abia State House of Assembly. In the year 2011, he retained his seat in the state house of assembly after the general election, a position he held until 2015 when he won election to represent his constituency in the Federal House of Representatives.

His legislative Interests lies in the areas that will bring or create a balance between the government and Human Development, especially on Public Accounting and Education. He has also set Human And Social Development Capacity as his targeted achievements.

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