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List of International Airports in Nigeria

          AIRPORT NAME                                                                ADDRESS           
1. Murtala Muhammed International Airport                                    Ikeja, Lagos

2. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport                                          FCT, Abuja

3. Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport                                   Kano, Kano

4. Port Harcourt International Airport                                            Omagwa, PH

Names of Nigeria Inspector General of Police since 1938
        NAME                                                   PERIOD IN OFFICE

1. C. W. Duncan                                                     1930 - 1935
2.  S. H. Thranthan                                                 1935 - 1936

3.  A Sanders                                                          1936 - 1937

4.  A. S. Navrogordarto                                          1938 - 1942

5.  W. C King                                                          1942 - 1947

6.  T. V. Finlay                                                        1948 - 1949

7.  Sir Kerr Bovell                                                  1956 - 1962

8.  J. E. Hodge                                                        1962 - 1964

9.  Louis Edet                                                         1964 - 1966

10.  Kam Salem                                                      1966 - 1975

11. Muhammadu Yusuf                                          1975 - 1979

12. Adamu Suleiman                                              1979 - 1981

13. Sunday Adewusi                                               1981 - 1983

 14. Etim Inyang                                                     1985 - 1986
15. Muhammadu Gambo-Jimeta                            1986 - 1990

16. Aliyu Atta                                                         1990 - 1993

17. Ibrahim Coomassie                                           1993 - 1999

18. Musilliu Smith                                                  1999 - 2002

19. Mustafa A. Balogun                                          2002 - 2005

20. Sunday Ehindero                                               2005 - 2007

21. Mike Mbama Okiro                                           2007 - 2009

22. Ogbonna O. Onovo                                            2009 - 2010

23. Hafiz Ringim                                                      2010 - 2012

24. Abubakar Muhammed                                        2012 - 2014

25. Suleiman Abba                                                    2014 - 2015

26. Olomon Arase                                                     2015 till Date


CBN Governors since Independence

Governor                                                         Time frame

Roy Pentelow Fenton                                  24 July 1958 - 24 July 1963

Aliyu Mai-Bornu                                         25 July 1963 - 22 June 1967

Clement Nyong Isong                                 15 Aug. 1967 - 22 Sept. 1975

Adamu Ciroma                                            24 Sept. 1975 - 28 June 1977

Ola Vincent                                                  26 June 1977 - 28 June 1982

Abdulkadir Ahmed                                      28 June 1982 - 30 Sept. 1993

Paul Agbai Ogwuma                                   1 Oct. 1993 - 29 May 1999

Joseph Oladele Sanusi                                 29 May 1999 - 29 May 2004

Charles C Soludo                                         29 May 2004 - 29 May 2009

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi                                 3 June 2009 - 30 May 2014

Mr. Godwin Emefiele                                  2 June 2014 - Till Date

History of States Creation in Nigeria

Head of State                     Year           NO      Name of State/Region created

1. Lord Lugard                    1952            4         Northern, Western, Mid West and Eastern Region

2. Gen. Yakubu Gowon       1967           12        North east, South East, Benue, Plateau, East Central,
                                                                           Kano, Kwara, Lagos, Mid West, North West,
                                                                           North Central Rivers, South Western State.

3. Gen. Murtala Muhamed   1876          19         Sokoto, Niger, Ondo, Oyo, Kaduna, Bauchi, Imo,
                                                                           Kano, Kwara, Rivers, Cross Rivers, Gongola,
                                                                           Anambra, Borno, Bendel, Benue, Ogun, Plateau,

4. Gen Ibrahim Babaginda    1987          2         Katsina, Akwa Ibom

5. Gen Ibrahim Babaginda    1991          10        Yobe, Osun, Taraba, Jigawa, Kogi, Abia, Delta, Edo,
                                                                            Enugu, Adamawa

6. Gen Sanni Abacha            1996            6        Zamfara, Bayelsa, Gombe, Ekiti, Ebonyi, Nasarawa

History of the Nigeria Naira (N) and kobo

The Naira was introduced in 1973, replacing the pounds at a rate of  N2 naira - 1 pound. This made Nigeria the last state to abandon the £sd currency system.
In January, 1st 1973, The CBN introduced Notes for 50 kobo, N1, N5, N10 and N20 and coins of
½k, 1k, 5k, 10k and 25 kobo.
On 11th February, 1977 a new banknote denomination of the value of N20 naira was issued; making it the highest denomination to be introduce. Also the N20 is the first currency note to bear the portrait of a Nigerian Citizen, that is late Head of state, General Murtala Muhammed.
On 2nd July, 1979, new currency notes of three denominations N1, N5 and N10 were introduced.
In 1991 both the 50k and N1 Notes were coined.
In December 1999 N100 was introduced, in November 2000 it was N200, April 2001 was N500 and in October 2005 N1000 was introduced.

On February 28th 2007, N50, N20, N10, N5, N1, 50k,were reissued with a new design, while a new denomination of N2 was introduced.



Sir Fredrick Lord Lugard          1912-1919

Sir Hurge Clifford                     1919-1925

Sir Creamer Thompson             1925-1931

Sir Donald Cameroon                1931-1935

Sir Bernard Boundillion            1935-1943

Sir Anthony Richard                  1943-1948

Sir John Macphaerson                1946-1958

Sir James Robertson                   1958-1960


Nigeria flag
The Nigeria national flag was designed by Micheal Taiwo Akinkunmi and it was adopted on the 1st of October 1960. The flag is divided vertically into three equal parts. The central part, which is white symbolizes peace and unity, and the two outer parts which are green symbolizes the nations vast agricultural wealth.


The coat of arms of Nigeria has a black shield with two white stripes that come together like the letter Y, these represents the two main rivers flowing through Nigeria; the Benue River and the Niger River.
The black shield represents Nigeria's good earth, while the two horses on each side represents dignity. The eagle represents strength, while the green and white bands on the top of the shield represents the rich agricultural land of the inspiring country. The yellow flowers at the base are Costus Spectabilis, it stands for the beauty of Nigeria.
The slogan, Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress written at the the base of the Coat of Arm is the Nigeria's motto. The Coat of Arms depicts authority and power.

Nigeria National Anthem

NIGERIA NATIONAL ANTHEM ("Arise O Compatriots") 

First Stanza 
Arise O Compatriots
Nigeria's call obey
To serve our Fatherland 
With love and strength and Faith
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
 One nation bound in freedom
Peace and unity
Second Stanza
O God of creation 
Direct our noble cause 
Guild our leaders right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow 
And living just and true
Great lofty height attain
To build a nation where peace
And Justice reign
The National Pledge
I pledge to Nigeria my country, 
To be faithful, loyal and honest.
To serve Nigeria with all my strength 
To defend her unity
And uphold her honour and glory
So help me God.

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