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Michelle Bachelet Mini Biography

Quick Facts

Michelle Bachelet
Doctor, Presidentof Chile
Birth Date 
September 29, 1951
University of Chile, Humboldt University of Berlin, 
Chile's National Academy of Strategy and Policy, 
Inter-American Defense College
Place of Birth 
Santiago, Chile
Full Name 
VerĂ³nica Michelle Bachelet Jeria
Michelle Bachelet was the first female president of Chile who served from 2006–2010.


Michelle Bachelet was born on September 29, 1951 in Santiago, Chile. Her father was arrested by Pinochet and died under torture. Michelle, a medical student, was also tortured but released into exile in 1975. Bachelet returned to Chile and entered politics after Pinochet was ousted. In 2006 she became Chile's first woman president and was popular for her deft handling of the 2008 financial crisis.

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