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Nigeria is officially called "The Federal Republic of Nigeria". It is a federal constitutional republic comprising of 36 states and it's Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. It's coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean.

Niger has over five hundred (500) ethnic groups, off which the three largest are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

The Name Nigeria was taken from the Niger River running through the country. and was coined by Flora Shaw, who later married Baron Lugard, a British colonial administrator in the late 19th century.

"Arise O Compatriots" is the national anthem of Nigeria, it was adopted in 1978, replacing the former "Nigeria We Hail Thee". The lyrics are a combination of words and phrases taken from five of the best entries in a national contest. The words were put to music by the Nigerian Police Band under the directorship of Benedict E. Odiase.

Nigeria flag
The Nigeria national flag was designed by Micheal Taiwo Akinkunmi and it was adopted on the 1st of October 1960. The flag is divided vertically into three equal parts. The central part, which is white symbolizes peace and unity, and the two outer parts which are green symbolizes the nations vast agricultural wealth.

The coat of arms of Nigeria has a black shield with two white stripes that come together like the letter Y, these represents the two main rivers flowing through Nigeria; the Benue River and the Niger River.
The black shield represents Nigeria's good earth, while the two horses on each side represents dignity. The eagle represents strength, while the green and white bands on the top of the shield represents the rich agricultural land of the inspiring country. The yellow flowers at the base are Costus Spectabilis, it stands for the beauty of Nigeria.
The slogan, Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress written at the the base of the Coat of Arm is the Nigeria's motto. The Coat of Arms depicts authority and power.


Sir Fredrick Lord Lugard          1912-1919
Sir Hurge Clifford                     1919-1925
Sir Creamer Thompson             1925-1931
Sir Donald Cameroon                1931-1935
Sir Bernard Boundillion            1935-1943
Sir Anthony Richard                  1943-1948
Sir John Macphaerson                1946-1958
Sir James Robertson                   1958-1960

NIGERIA NATIONAL ANTHEM ("Arise O Compatriots") 

First Stanza 

Arise O Compatriots
Nigeria's call obey
To serve our Fatherland 
With love and strength and Faith
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
 One nation bound in freedom
Peace and unity

Second Stanza

O God of creation 
Direct our noble cause 
Guild our leaders right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow 
And living just and true
Great lofty height attain
To build a nation where peace
And Justice reign

The National Pledge
I pledge to Nigeria my country, 
To be faithful, loyal and honest.
To serve Nigeria with all my strength 
To defend her unity
And uphold her honour and glory
So help me God.

All over the world Nigerians are setting the pace and becoming the standard by which others measure themselves .

In the US, Nigerians are the most educated immigrant community. Type it into Google and you'll see it. Not one of the most educated, the most educated .

60% of Nigerians in the US have college degrees. This is far above the American national average of 30%.

Nigerians in US are one of the highest earners, typically earning 25% more than the median US income of $53k .

In Ivy League schools in Europe and America, Nigerians routinely outperform their peers from other nations .

A Nigerian family, The Imafidon family,  have officially been named the smartest family in the UK.

The designer of the famous car, Chevrolet Volt, Jelani Aliyu, is a super talented Nigerian from Sokoto State .

The wealthiest Black man and woman on earth are Nigerians, Aliko Dangote and Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija 

South Africa couldn't have ended apartheid & achieved Black rule if not for the leadership role Nigeria played .

Of the 3 Presidents who ruled South Africa after apartheid, two of them once lived in Nigeria under asylum .

Both Nelson Mandela (60s) and Thabo Mbeki (70s) lived in Nigeria before becoming President of South Africa. We gave financial support,  human support, boycotted an Olympics and our politicians, musicians and activists campaigned relentlessly. 

Nigeria spent over $3 Billion and lost hundreds of soldiers to end the wars in both Liberia and Sierra Leone that the world ignored because they have no oil. 

When there was a coup in São Tomé and Príncipe in 2003, Nigeria restored the elected President back to power .

Before there were street lights in European cities, ancient Benin kingdom had street lights fueled by palm oil .

500 years ago, Benin casted metal alloys to create magnificent art including the world famous Queen Ida Mask .

Amina was a warrior queen who ruled Zaria Emirate in Kaduna state, Northwestern Nigeria 400 years ago in 1610 .

Nigeria gave monetary gifts to Ireland during their oil boom and built a statue for France free of charge.

The first television station in Africa was NTA Ibadan  (1960) long before Ireland has their RTE station.

Wherever you look in this great country, Nigeria, heroes abound both now and in their recent and ancient past.

NIGERIA is not a nation of scammers, drugs & corruption as speculated by the International communities, but a people with a verifiable track record of greatness. 

Nigerians are trail Blazers; on 7th May, 2016 at Howard University in Washington D.C history was made. Out of 96 graduating Doctor of Pharmacy candidates, 43 of them were Nigerians and out of 27 awards given, 16 went to Nigerians.


Codes to recharge your phone from your bank account. (Nigeria)

How to recharge phone from your bank account. (Most banks)

1.Access bank:*901*amount#
5.First Bank:*894*amount#
7.Heritage bank:*322*030*amount#
9.Sky bank:*389*076*1*amount#
10.Stanbic IBTC: *909*amount#
13.Unity bank:*322*215*amount#
14.Zenith:*966*amount# or *302*amount# (for mtn users)
15.Diamond bank(yellow acct. only):*710*555*phone no*amount*pin#

To know your BVN, dial *565*0#.

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Nigeria is officially called "The Federal Republic of Nigeria". It is a federal constitutional republic comprising of 36 states a...