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Due to time constrains on our everyday activities, the female specie especially the working class; are forced to make simpler hairstyles in order to meet up with schedules.

IMG_1227With the invention of Wigs, it became a bit easier for them to wear different look with little or no time to spend on preparations, it is on this trend that the introduction of BRAID WIG came into limelight, and today you see people on Braid little will you know that it is but a Wig.
Now because we know the importance of this Wig in the life of an average woman, we are going to show you how to make one, please you can watch a Video Tutorial here
Items you will need for the wig include Wig cap, Attachment, Hair cream, Needle, tread, Hair Comb, Hair Brush and a Dull Head.
1.Draw the attachment, as if you want to braid a real human hair, draw as many as possible and tie them in batches.
2.Tie a tread at two ends, then start to weave on the tread, weave as many as possible.
3. Get a needle and tread it.
4. Place the Wig cap on the Dull and start sewing the braided hair on the wig cap.
Sew as many as possible, the more the braid on the cap the better it will appear.
NB: Watch the video tutorial here for better understanding.


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