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Names of South-South Senators

Akwa Ibom State.
•Bassey Albert Akpan (PDP, A/Ibom North)
•Godswill Akpabio (PDP, A/Ibom West)
•Nelson Effiong (PDP, A/Ibom South)

 Bayelsa State.
•Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP, Bayelsa East)
•Emanuel Paulker (PDP, Bayelsa Central)
•Ogola Foster (PDP, Bayelsa West)

Cross River State.
•Rose Oko ( PDP, Cross River North)
•Gershom Bassey(PDP, C/River South)
•John Enoh (PDP, Cross River Central)

Delta State.
•Alfred Joseph (PDP, Delta Central)
•Peter Nwaboshi (PDP, Delta North)
•James Manager (PDP, Delta South)

Edo State.
•Clifford Ordia (PDP, Edo Central)
•Mathew Urhoghide (PDP, Edo South)
 •Francis Alimikhena (APC, Edo North)

 Rivers State.
•George Sekibo (PDP, Rivers East)
•Olaka Nwogu (PDP, Rivers S/East)
•Osinakachukwu Ideozu (PDP,Rivers West)


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